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2020 Wellness Resolutions

A new year is an opportunity to reassess & work towards new goals, but it’s also an opportunity to put your wellness first! Check out our Acacia team’s wellness resolutions for 2020!

Acacia Davis

Allison: In 2020, I hope to engage a bit more in my creative exploits, by making cards, doing a cross-stitch project, and woodworking. Hopefully, with the purchase of a home, I will also be able to create a miniature version of my dream garden and tend to it. 

Skye Innerarity, therapist at Acacia Davis.

Skye Innerarity: I’m looking forward to continuing to set and reinforce healthy boundaries around how I choose to spend time outside of work. I plan to intentionally ground myself in place and space by spending more time basketweaving, learning more of my Miwok language, and spending quality time with friends and family- complete, of course, with a healthy dose of laughter, humor, and playfulness!

Heather Brown: In the upcoming year, I plan to be more mindful about the ways in which I spend my time, especially by opting to engage in more self-care and opportunities for learning and growth. Additionally, I would like to work on incorporating moments of gratitude into my daily routine as a way to reflect upon and express my thankfulness for the people, things, and events that bring me happiness.

Acacia Irvine

Portialyn Buzzanga. Director at Acacia Irvine.

Portialyn Buzzanga: My wellness resolution is to practice gratitude. I have always been interested in those happiness and thankfulness challenges that I see on social media but have never actually tried. 2020 will be the year that I actually do it! I did a little research and came across a study at UC Davis that found that people who routinely count their blessings report better moods, healthier coping behaviors, fewer physical symptoms, and overall more life happiness than those who don’t. 

Angie Carman: My wellness resolutions for the New Year is to work on my spiritual health. I wants to work on building my faith and integrating more bible study into my everyday life.

Acacia Isla Vista/Goleta

Dr. Kristen Strong, Director at Acacia Isla Vista & Goleta.

Dr. Kristen Strong: My wellness resolutions are to spend less screen time & read more instead. I plan to cook more & say no to things when I’m tired so I can focus on training for & running a half marathon this year!

Danielle Sharkey: My resolution feels more like a theme: mindfulness. Whether that means sitting in meditation or noticing the sweetness of a strawberry, the regular practice of paying attention helps me re-center & remain present. Maintaining awareness enables me to move through life as my most authentic self rooted in groundedness.

Dr. Amber: I am training for my first 1/2 marathon – the Mountains to Beach (from Ojai area to Ventura) which will be on May 24th, 2020!

Luis Hernandez: My wellness resolution is to find harmony in all aspects of life. Sounds ambitious, but it’s the effort & commitment that counts!

Acacia Minneapolis

Dr. Haran Kingstan:  My goal for the (rest of my life) new year (at my therapist’s recommendation) is to be better at listening to what my heart and my body actually need, instead of what I just think I want.  Since I’ve started working on this, that has already included a massage, a bath, a huge salad, and more exercise. Instead of feeling like I “should” be doing these things, listening to my gut gently suggesting them to me has made it easier to actually follow through! 

Dr. Amy Moran & Bear, therapist, and companion at Acacia Minneapolis.

Sam Rust: It’s my goal every year to travel to one place I’ve never been (state and/or country wise).

Regina Mhiripiri: It’s my goal to invest in people that I care about, my time & energy, to give and be given support.

Dr. Kelli Howard: One 2020 resolution I have is to add some plants to my living space (and learn how to take care of them)!

Dr. Amy Moran: Be kind. Over and over and over again. Especially when it’s not easy.

Keenan Cashen-Smart: Exercise in any form, even just once a week. It turns out that counseling is a pretty sedentary job and my body is feeling it in a big way.

Acacia Santa Cruz

Alex Pappas. therapist at Acacia Santa Cruz.

Alex Pappas: My wellness resolution is to continue the healthy habits I implemented in 2019, such as drinking water, going to the gym, etc.

Juliet Tran: My wellness resolution is to get back into the habit of meal prepping on the weekends.

Acacia Westwood

Jasmine Jackson, front desk staff at Acacia Westwood.

Mariya Charnaya: This upcoming year my wellness resolution is to carve out more “me” time to take care of myself & recharge. I plan to read more for pleasure, take up a new workout class, & try new things without the influence of others.

Jasmine Jackson: My wellness resolution is to make more time for sleep and home-cooked meals. 2019 taught me that food and sleep are just as important as productivity!

Although the New Year feels like a perfect blank slate, any time is a great time to reflect on what you can do to facilitate personal growth! Whether your resolutions are physically, emotionally, socially, or environmentally centered, we encourage you to choose goals that feel attainable & exciting!

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Authored (a lot) by the Acacia Team and (a little) by Danielle Sharkey.

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