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Are you struggling with Depression?

Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression.

According to the World Health Organization, depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.

However, there are small steps that you can take to help you cope more powerfully and improve your sense of being.

In this article, we are going to cover the 5 ways you can use to help fight depression.

Let’s dive in

1. Get enough sleep

To manage depression, it’s essential to get a good night’s sleep as part of your daily routine.

It’s essential to sleep for at least 8 hours every night.

A lot of noise, light, or distraction can make sleep harder for you. Invest in blackout curtains or blinds to make your room as dark as possible.

Having a regular night routine is easier said than done when you’re depressed. But it’ll be beneficial when you go to bed and wake up at the same time including the weekends.

Some of the benefits of having a regular night routine include waking up very energized and focused and being able to wake up more easily.

2. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is great not only when you’re depressed but also when you’re normal self.

Exercise releases the body’s natural antidepressant chemicals known as endorphins. Endorphin reduces your perception of pain and triggers a positive feeling in your body.

An exercise routine can be a simple 30 minutes’ walk a day, biking, hiking, dancing, gardening, jogging, or attending a yoga class

3. Spend time outside

It can be hard to drag yourself outside and face the world when you’re depressed. Sometimes you just want to lock yourself inside and see no one.

You need to fight that feeling and go outside. Sunlight has got vitamin D which is great in mood enhancement.

If you can’t go outside, start by opening your curtains and let that natural light come to you.

4. Spending time with family and friends will help you

Whether to tell a loved one that you’re suffering from depression is a personal thing.

But choosing a person who you can trust is a key part of depression treatment. Talk about your fears about depression, the medication and therapy you are taking or about to take.

You’ll be surprised to know that some of them have been there and they will be able to help in one way or the other.

Connecting with your loved ones can help ease feelings of loneliness and isolation.

5. Seek medical help

Seeing a health professional is an important part of treating depression. Your doctor will determine a diagnosis based on physical exam, lab tests, and psychiatric evaluation.

A doctor will develop a treatment plan that’s tailored to your individual needs, depending on your symptoms and your wishes.

 He may prescribe medication or recommend psychotherapy which will help you cope more effectively.

Wrapping up

If you’re experiencing depression, don’t suffer alone and in silence. To fight depression, you need to speak out. Speak to your religious leaders, your health care professional, a trusted friend or family, or even a stranger who has had the experience.
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Lucy Nongari is a mental health advocate and freelance writer. She’s a Hub Spot certified content marketer and Google digital marketer. She writes on mental health and wellness. Connect with her on LinkedIn

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