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5 Ways Therapy Changes your Daily Life

Therapy is a great way to improve the quality of your relationships, friendships and work. Here are a few ways therapy can help make a difference:

1) Your mind is clearer.

Do you ever get trapped in a pattern of negative thinking, or have trouble sleeping due to racing thoughts? Therapy can help improve your mental clarity, making it easier to focus on studying, work, and being present with others. Therapy helps you gain control over negative thoughts so that you can replace them with healthier ones.

2) You are more productive with your time.

Do you procrastinate for hours on end? Therapy can help you prioritize and develop the skills to manage your time better. When you process issues in therapy rather than avoiding them, wasteful habits can be replaced with healthier ones. Going to therapy weekly can help you build up a routine to get things done more effectively.

3) You improve your self-confidence

Therapy helps you feel comfortable in your skin. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses in therapy, you can understand yourself better and develop self-compassion. By improving your confidence, you are less prone to seeking validation and approval from others because you are able to find it within yourself.

4) You identify your values

Therapy helps clarify your personal values and things that matter deeply to you. When we know what is important to us and why, it’s easier to make decisions and set boundaries that are healthy and fulfilling. When we’re stressed or depressed, sometimes we act in ways that aren’t aligned with our best selves. Therapy can help you create a healthier pattern of making decisions based off values rather than emotions.

5) You improve your relationships

Do feel overwhelmed by social interaction, or feel lonely even though you’re surrounded by people? Having a therapist helps you identify ways to cope with social anxiety, ways to make new friends and tools to communicate effectively with others. The ability to connect with others is vital to your health and wellness; going to therapy can help you learn how to be vulnerable, express your needs, and feel heard in your relationships.

These are just a few of the countless ways that therapy can improve your daily life. While it can be daunting to seek out support, talking to a therapist on a regular basis can help challenge negative beliefs and habits that sabotage your health and happiness.

– Sharon Peykar (Acacia Westwood therapist)

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