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Acacia Minneapolis offers individual, group, and wellness services. Located within walking, busing, or train riding distance from UMN, entrance is on St. Mary’s Ave, near State Farm. Come into the office to experience a little slice of modern design featuring a plant wall and the occasional cute puppy.

Different Perspective
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Acacia Counseling has been wonderful to me the last 2 years! Their front desk staff are always friendly and helpful - no matter my question. They work with my student insurance so I don't have to stress about knowing how much I owe. My therapist, Ross, has been absolutely fantastic! He helps me look at myself from a different perspective and provide insight when I need it, but listens when I need to process things myself. He provides tips and help I can use to decrease my anxiety outside of therapy. He is also able to accommodate my busy grad student life! I have grown so much by going to Acacia Counseling!!
Wonderful Place
Wonderful Place
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Acacia has been a wonderful place for me to go and work on my mental health and personal wellbeing. They offer a wide range of services and you can find people who specialize more in your area of need. The atmosphere is so calm and the employees (and service dog) are very kind and understanding. You can find out exactly how much is covered by insurance and how much you would pay each appointment before you have your first appointment. This place is amazing!
Highly Recommend
Highly Recommend
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I love going to Acacia, the atmosphere is awesome and everyone is so friendly. I love that they’re lgbt+ friendly! I followed my therapist from a previous location and I can say that although it’s a farther drive I would highly recommend this place! Plus they have an therapy/emotional support dog which I think is awesome. I feel very comfortable going here and appreciate the staff <3
Top Notch
Top Notch
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I have been going here for awhile and this place is great! All the staff I have met so far from the front desk to the counselors, top notch. Great staff, great atmosphere, therapy dogs!( <3 ) What more can you ask for? I highly recommend Acacia!
BEST Therapist
BEST Therapist
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Very friendly and welcome atmosphere and Camille is hands down the BEST therapist I’ve ever had.
Welcoming and Friendly
Welcoming and Friendly
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I love this place and space! They're always playing great music, it's enjoyable and restful to spend time here, the decor is wonderful, the front desk staff is always welcoming and friendly, and of course the counseling is excellent. Really happy I found my way here, you will be too!
Easy To Navigate
Easy To Navigate
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They make it really easy to navigate the confusing world of scheduling appointments and dealing with insurance companies. My favorite thing about Acacia is being able to schedule appointments and such over text. As someone who gets stressed about calling companies, it’s amazing.

Minneapolis Team

Acacia providers have experience working with diverse clients in a variety of areas including anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship issues, attention difficulties, eating/body image concerns, identity exploration, trauma, and substance use issues.

Click on a provider to learn more about who they are and their individual specialties.

Dr. Haran Kingstan

Director | PsyD

Sam Rust

Office Manager

Dr. Ross Gubrud

Psychologist | PhD

Marlee Dorsey

Therapist | LPC

Stefanie Donnelly

Therapist | LPCC

Camille Carlson

Therapist | LMFT

Regina Mhiripiri

Therapist | LMFT

Dr. Amy Moran

Training Director| PsyD

Dr. Kelli Howard

Psychologist | PhD

Madeleine Coulter

Therapist | MA, JD

Andrea Deuring

Therapist | MA

Keenan Cashen-Smart

Therapist | MA

Dr. Amie DeHarpporte

Postdoctoral Fellow | PsyD

Abby Hansen

Therapist | LPCC

Calvin Hauer

Therapist | LMFT

Kristin Ammerman

Therapist | MA

Hannah Curwin

Graduate Therapy Intern

Alex Stanger

Graduate Therapy Intern

Minneapolis Services

All of our Acacia offices offer individual therapy, couple’s therapy, group therapy, and wellness events. Below are services offered specifically in Minneapolis!

Minneapolis Rates

At the time of session, you can pay with credit card, cash, or paypal although a credit/debit card is required to be on file.

*We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN, HealthPartners, Cigna, Aetna, Medica/United Healthcare/Optum, PreferredOne, and UCare insurances. Pricing of services will vary by plan and will be discussed prior to your first session. 

Please note, you are required to provide us with notice of cancellation at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in late cancellation or missed appointment fee charge. Coordinate additional billing inquires with your Office Manager prior to your sessions.

Paypal payments can be sent to counseling@acaciacw.com

Samantha Rust | she/her/hers

Minneapolis office manager


Boozhoo! My name is Sam Rust, and I am from Ramsey, Minnesota. I came to Acacia after a career change from direct care in St. Paul, MN to exploring the administrative side of mental health. I didn't find Acacia, Acacia found me! What excites me the most about coming into Acacia on a daily basis is that I get to make mental health more accessible for a generation who is actively taking care of themselves to make the world better in their own individual way.

what does a typical saturday look like for you?

I spend my typical Saturday afternoon riding my road bike around the lakes in Minneapolis, or traveling to new places that I can ride my road bike. If I were to take a one way ticket to Mars and it was up to me to introduce something new to the planet, I would make sure that the planet knew about dogs, The Office (U.S. version), and coffee on porches with friends.

if mars was now livable, what things would you introduce to the planet?

I spend my typical Saturday afternoon riding my road bike around the lakes in Minneapolis, or traveling to new places that I can ride my road bike. If I were to take a one way ticket to Mars and it was up to me to introduce something new to the planet, I would make sure that the planet knew about dogs, The Office (U.S. version), and coffee on porches with friends.


Also known as psychotherapy, talk therapy, or counseling, Acacia individual therapy is a collaborative process between you and your therapist, aiming to understand problems, facilitate change, and improve quality of life.

A staple of every Acacia office, we believe that individual therapy is an incredibly effective process of healing through self-exploration, skills training, and other various forms of change. Ask your therapist how they view the change process. Remember, not every therapist is a good fit and it is important for you to find an Acacia therapist who you feel connects best to your specific needs. If you don't get a good fit, don't fret. You can ask for a change and we will accommodate you!

The therapeutic process can range in length from a few sessions to several years and is appropriate for goals ranging from focused on solving immediate problems to facilitating self-growth and discovery.

Sessions generally last 50 minutes and provide a safe, caring, and confidential space where you can deeply explore the challenges in your lives and, with the help of the therapist, find effective responses and solutions. The process of therapy is largely determined by your individual needs and the nature of each problem but will likely involve exploration of emotions, beliefs, behaviors, internal conflicts, relationships, and both current and past experiences.

Individual therapy can be effective in helping you better understand, manage and express your emotions, learn to deal effectively with stress and anxiety, improve relationships, heal from past traumas, change behaviors that are counterproductive to your goals and values, gain confidence and self-esteem, work through difficult family dynamics, and many other situations. Individual therapy has been shown to be highly effective for many mental health conditions.


Acacia offers a nine-month training program (fall to spring) for both master’s- and doctoral-level practicum students interested in working with college and graduate student populations.

Master's & Doctoral Level applications accepted on the Uniform Application Date of February 2, 2020

Application review and invitations for interviews begin February 3rd, 2020

In-person interviews will be scheduled for the week of February 10, 2020

Required Materials: Cover Letter, CV/Resume, Unofficial Transcript of Graduate Training, Two Letters of Recommendation

Please email application materials to Dr. Amy Moran at dr.amymoran@acaciacw.com

Practicum training focuses on a number of components:

+ In-depth training in diagnostic assessment and individual outpatient therapy, with group and couples therapy based on referrals.
+ Opportunity to learn from in-person observation, as well as feedback provided by peers and supervisors through the use of video recorded sessions
+ Intensive focus on multiculturalism and the development of cultural humility
+ Training in a variety of empirically-supported theoretical orientations, interventions, and ways of conceptualizing clients
+ Students are provided supervision through developmental and competency-based approaches, with a minimum of one hour of individual and group supervision weekly, with opportunities to participate in all-staff consultation and staff meetings on a weekly basis.
+ Throughout the training year, practicum students have the opportunity to participate in didactics, case presentations, and are asked to present to the staff in an area of particular interest or expertise (i.e. mindfulness, grief and loss, toxic masculinity, etc.).
+ Acacia is made up of a diverse variety of mental health clinicians with specialized training in several areas of expertise and from different backgrounds, and our therapists are actively involved in the training process with practicum students.

WANT TO LEARN MORE? CONTACT TRAINING DIRECTOR, Dr. Amy Moran (dr.amymoran@acaciacw.com)



Do you often feel like your emotions are overwhelming? Do you have trouble controlling and regulating your feelings? Do you struggle with tolerating distress? Do you often find it hard to navigate relationships? This group will teach you the DBT skills of mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. Learn to “walk the middle path” to create a fulfilling life, while sharing your journey with others along the way. This group is led by Camille Carlson and Hannah Curwin.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact the Acacia Minneapolis front desk to request access to our online screening questionnaire.


What does it mean to “be a man?” In a society filled with complex and often harmful messages about what masculinity should look like, it can be difficult to make sense of one’s own masculinity. This group will serve as a space for men to explore this topic and to work on developing their own positive masculine identity. Subjects to be discussed will include managing conflict, the healthy expression of emotions, social skills, positive relationships, and coping among others. If you are someone who would like help in one of these areas or if you have been struggling with aspects of your masculinity. This group is led by Calvin Hauer and Keenan Cashen-Smart.


mindful hatha yoga for stress reduction

MHY is a slow-flowing, meditative yoga practice derived from and inspired by the Mindful Hatha Yoga sequences taught in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. An ability to assume a table-top position (balancing on all fours) and transition safely from floor to standing series are physical requirements for participation in this class.

This class is appropriate for:
+ Individuals who are new to yoga practice
+ Practitioners who wish to incorporate mindfulness training into their yoga practice
+ Individuals who have completed the MBSR course and would like to continue their Mindful Hatha Yoga practice

Fridays, 4-5 pm
Cost: $10 per class
Classes are drop-in and first come, first served (space is limited)


60-minutes of trauma-informed movement, trauma-sensitive breathing exercises, and ample opportunity to experience stillness and meditation. No prior yoga experience is required. For individuals with mobility concerns, please contact us in advance to ensure we are able to meet your needs.
The class is guided verbally by Hannah while she practices with you. No hands-on assists are performed. Individual space is respected and safety is prioritized. Student names will remain anonymous and students are not asked to share anything about their specific traumas. The emphasis is on simply being in your body.

Wear comfortable clothes for moving your body and bring a water bottle if you like. Mats are provided, though you are welcome to bring your own! Please arrive 5-10 minutes in advance in order to check-in. We look forward to supporting you in this space.

Mondays, 4-5 pm until December 2, 2019
Cost: $10 per class
Offered as an 8-week program (space is limited)


Would you like to explore relationship dynamics and change problematic cycles to improve interactions with others? If so, couples therapy might be just the thing for you! At Acacia, we allow you to decide how you would like to define 'couple'. It does not always have to be romantic in nature and it can be defined in multiple ways (parent-child, roommate-roommate, partner-partner).

In couples therapy, we will help you work through communication issues, loss of connection and intimacy, financial issues, affairs and betrayals, family issues, and more. Acacia therapists will work hard to understand each of you and we will not take sides. Rather, we will explore patterns and try to find healthy alternatives and positive change.

We also understand how life stressors and relationship issues can sometimes make sex a challenge. Sex therapy is used to help couples or individuals reach greater sexual/emotional intimacy and create a satisfactory sex life. Our therapists will work hard to understand your sexual drives, limitations, desires, traumas and more to help you find your sexual peace of mind.