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Acacia Minneapolis Open House

The Minneapolis office of Acacia Counseling and Wellness hosted an open house on September 27th from 5-7pm. It an amazing opportunity for prospective clients and therapists who refer people to Acacia to see the office and participate in wellness activities.

Our therapists let people through the deep breathing and mindfulness exercise of making lavender scented satchels. We also had a tea steeping activity where our therapist Marlee had people read affirmations as they made their tea. Our therapists had fun giving people food and leading them through mindfulness practices by having them focus on the feel, taste, and smell as they were eating. Overall, everyone here at Acacia loved meeting people from our community and giving them a taste of what it means to be a client here.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time out of their day to come and visit us!

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