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We believe community is important to your growth. At Acacia, we want clients to know that they have a virtual community and space if they need it. Check out our blog, listen to our podcast, and get some helpful app suggestions. 

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Helpful Apps

These are apps we find to be the best of the best, covering some of the practices we support.


For Anxiety & Stress. Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy, and peace to your daily life.

Liberate Meditation

For Meditation. Meditation app by and for the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Community.

Insight Timer

For Meditation. Offers courses on how to meditate, a meditation timer (for those who prefer unguided meditations), and more than 15,000 guided meditations (including for sleep) with teachers.


For Anxiety & Stress. A relaxation app that trains you on diaphragmatic breathing, a technique that has proven benefits for your overall mental health.


For Mood Tracking. Daylio enables you to keep a private diary and capture your day without to type a single line.


For Depression. Designed to help you “overcome stress and negative thoughts,” and “build resilience".

Simple Habit

For Anxiety & Stress. Simple Habit is a 5-minute meditation app designed to help busy people stress less, achieve more, and live better.


Wellness. Fabulous is a science-based app that will help you build healthy ritual into your life, just like an elite athlete.

View Ranger

For Hiking/Outdoors. Discover thousands of inspiring trail guides, download offline topo maps, and navigate with confidence on your next hike, bike, ride, backpacking trip, or outdoor adventure.


For Meditation. In just a few minutes a day, you'll learn how to train your mind and body for a healthier, happier life with guided meditation sessions.

Down Dog

For Yoga & Wellness. The Down Dog App provides a studio-like yoga experience in the comfort of your own home.


For Habit Tracking. Whether you’re trying to break a caffeine habit or are trying to establish new, healthy patterns like exercising or meditating, this will help you track it.

Recovery Record

For Eating Disorders. The smart companion for managing your journey to recovery from eating disorders.

Sleep Cycle

Wellness. Let your phone analyze your sleep and wake you up in the lightest sleep phase - helping you wake up feeling rested and more energized.


For Habit Tracking. Helps you to set goals and routines and track your progress.

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