Frequently Asked Questions – Acacia Careers and Internships

If you have questions about working at Acacia, please see below! If you are looking to become a client or are wondering about our services, please visit this page here.

How do I search for open jobs at Acacia? 

Click the “Openings for New Team Members” link above to be directed straight to all of our career listings, or click the link here. Once on our Job Listings page, you will be able to search for roles by Acacia location, job category, and keywords to find the job that best fits your needs.

How can I apply for a job? 

After navigating to our Job Listings page, click on a role that interests you and click “Apply for this job online” and you will be directed to create an account and start your job application.

Can I apply to multiple jobs? 

We kindly ask you to limit your application to one role if possible! Please carefully read descriptions and decide which job best fits your skill set and focus on that. If you are unsure about our different locations, or our Part-Time versus Full-Time designations, apply to the role you feel most suited for and we will work together on details if you are selected for an initial interview!

Does Acacia offer internship opportunities?

We sure do! Our Mental Health Advocates (MHA) internship program runs for 9 months from October through June. Please visit this program’s page for further information and instructions on how to apply for future cohorts: Acacia Counseling and Wellness Mental Health Advocates. Students seeking practicum placements should refer to the next two questions. 

I am an Associate / pre-licensed provider in California, are there any opportunities available for me at Acacia?

We are in the process of establishing training programs at our California offices! Our goal is to have opportunities for associate providers by Winter 2022. Please keep an eye out on our website for future updates or sign up to be contacted with new opportunities here.

I am an Associate / pre-licensed / practicum student provider in Minnesota, are there any opportunities available for me at Acacia?

In our Minnesota offices, we do offer positions for Associate or Pre-Licensed individuals, depending on capacity. You can view our open positions on our Job Listings page. For graduate students seeking placement, we have an established training program! Review information on our Intern Program Page.

I am a preceptor / pre-licensed PMHNP or Psychiatrist, are there opportunities available for me at Acacia?

In our California and Minnesota offices, we do not currently offer positions for individuals seeking preceptorship or residency. Please stay tuned for updates.

How else can I get involved with Acacia? 

We’d love to invite you to get involved with our engagement efforts! Please check out our Acacia Counseling and Wellness Connect page to learn more about our blog, podcast, and more! Sign up here for updates on events and future job opportunities.

Still have questions? Email our team at counseling@acaciacw.com.

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