Until further notice, all appointments are conducted via video. Contact your location's admin team for more information.



Our services are mental-health minded and college-student focused.* Check them out below!

*Acacia is an outpatient mental health clinic. We provide weekly individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy and medication management services to address a variety of mental health needs.

Acacia does not specialize in the treatment of chronic substance abuse and addiction or active psychosis.


Also known as psychotherapy, talk therapy, or counseling, Acacia individual therapy is a collaborative process between you and your therapist, aiming to understand problems, facilitate change, and improve quality of life.

A staple of every Acacia office, we believe that individual therapy is an incredibly effective process of healing through self-exploration, skills training, and other various forms of change. Ask your therapist how they view the change process. Remember, not every therapist is a good fit and it is important for you to find an Acacia therapist who you feel connects best to your specific needs. If you don't get a good fit, don't fret. You can ask for a change and we will accommodate you!

The therapeutic process can range in length from a few sessions to several years and is appropriate for goals ranging from focused on solving immediate problems to facilitating self-growth and discovery.

Sessions generally last 50 minutes and provide a safe, caring, and confidential space where you can deeply explore the challenges in your lives and, with the help of the therapist, find effective responses and solutions. The process of therapy is largely determined by your individual needs and the nature of each problem but will likely involve exploration of emotions, beliefs, behaviors, internal conflicts, relationships, and both current and past experiences.

Individual therapy can be effective in helping you better understand, manage and express your emotions, learn to deal effectively with stress and anxiety, improve relationships, heal from past traumas, change behaviors that are counterproductive to your goals and values, gain confidence and self-esteem, work through difficult family dynamics, and many other situations. Individual therapy has been shown to be highly effective for many mental health conditions.

Until further notice, all appointments are via video. Contact your office to discuss this further.

All Acacia offices offer video therapy appointments*. Existing clients can discuss with their provider to switch appointments to video as a one-off or ongoing.
*Video service may not be covered by your insurance plan, it's important to know before finalizing your appointment.


Video therapy, also known as telehealth or teletherapy, allows you to connect with a therapist without having to travel anywhere.

Similar to services you receive in person, video therapy sessions generally last 50 minutes and provide a safe, caring, and confidential space where you can deeply explore the challenges in your lives and, with the help of the therapist, find effective responses and solutions. The process of therapy is largely determined by your individual needs and the nature of each problem but will likely involve exploration of emotions, beliefs, behaviors, internal conflicts, relationships, and both current and past experiences.


Acacia Reach is our video therapy services that allows everyone access to video services, even when there is no physical Acacia location nearby. Check out the link below to learn more!


Would you like to explore relationship dynamics and change problematic cycles to improve interactions with others? If so, couples therapy might be just the thing for you! At Acacia, we allow you to decide how you would like to define 'couple'. It does not always have to be romantic in nature and it can be defined in multiple ways (parent-child, roommate-roommate, partner-partner).

In couples therapy, we will help you work through communication issues, loss of connection and intimacy, financial issues, affairs and betrayals, family issues, and more. Acacia therapists will work hard to understand each of you and we will not take sides. Rather, we will explore patterns and try to find healthy alternatives and positive change.

We also understand how life stressors and relationship issues can sometimes make sex a challenge. Sex therapy is used to help couples or individuals reach greater sexual/emotional intimacy and create a satisfactory sex life. Our therapists will work hard to understand your sexual drives, limitations, desires, traumas and more to help you find your sexual peace of mind.


One of the secret gems of your personal change process could be group therapy. Group therapy is a highly effective and unique form of treatment and is appropriate for many of the same problems as individual therapy. It is well established as an effective treatment for many mental health issues including depression, anxiety, social skills/relationship building, and more!

Groups generally consist of 6-8 people, last 60-75 minutes and are led by a therapist who works to create a safe, collaborative, and confidential environment amongst group members. Groups are effective in helping individuals acquire better-coping skills, find support in their day-to-day difficulties, overcome anxieties about social interactions, explore past traumas, heal from internal feelings of shame and guilt, and modify problematic behaviors. Group members often report feeling relieved that others are going through similar problems and they often enjoy the experience practicing a new identity. For example, do you have problems asserting your needs? Group can be a great space for you to start practicing!

As groups inherently involve the interaction of members, groups are especially effective in helping individuals build, repair, and maintain more effective, supportive relationships with others. At Acacia, we believe in the power of group therapy and have significant experience in effectively running a range of different groups. Finally, in our groups, you can be assured that we will take precautions in not placing you in a group with someone who you might know on a personal level.


Cultivating mindfulness will assist you in finding peace of mind. This Buddhist tradition is here to help you connect with the present and keep you aware of the moment to moment changes. While some forms of mindfulness and meditation are designed to help us relax, others are meant to be unconditionally present, helping you to be present to whatever is happening in the moment. Through this altered state of consciousness, you learn how to stop the unnecessary suffering that results from trying to escape discomfort and start experiencing suffering as a consequence of simply being human. This nonjudgmental awareness of experience doesn't reject your thoughts or feelings. Rather, the practice teaches you to sit with them.

If mindfulness is of interest, please ask your Acacia office or therapist about it today! Many therapists are trained in leading you through the practice and we also may have M&M groups to help assist you.


Time to roll out your yoga mat! At Acacia, we recognize the importance of providing holistic treatment to genuinely care for our body, mind and emotional well-being. Yoga is an excellent resource for combining these various parts of the self to calm the mind and strengthen the body. Yoga is something that everyone can do and Acacia strives to provide very basic courses for beginner skill level.

Please ask your local Acacia office about Yoga practices!


Sometimes you just want to sit, listen and gather skills. At Acacia, we like to bring in experts from the community to provide training on a variety of health topics from sexual health to interview skills to how to better cope with stress.

We also offer our space for community and student organizations to host their workshop, training, or meeting - it's opportunity to exposure members of your team to mental health and give you a cool space to interact in.

Want to see a particular workshop offered? Email your local Acacia office with ideas!


Depending on location, you may have a therapy animal at your local Acacia office. We believe animals can be great companions in the healing process. All of our therapy animals are or will be certified. If you do not want a therapy animal in the office with you, just ask!


Acacia Counseling & Wellness provides college students and young adults a safe, supportive space in which they receive quality, long-term, and consistent mental health care that is highly accessible, affordable, specialized, and culturally sensitive. We provide holistic care, workshops, and social programming geared toward enhancing student well-being.

We continually work toward destigmatizing mental health services and provide students with a positive space where they can obtain direct mental health treatment, as well as receive valuable programming and education to assist in their understanding of mental illness.