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Mental Health

Learning to Love

I was fourteen when I met him It took me four years to say, “I love you.” About six months later, we broke up. I was almost nineteen and I thought he was my soul mate. It was

Mental Health

Twenty Eight

Looking back on my twenty-seventh trip around the sun: I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara & got to celebrate with myfamily (& friends who’ve become family). I began a full-time job in the Mental Health

Mental Health

“Mental Illness is an Excuse for Failure”

This article was originally written for and published by Um Magazine.TW: Self-Harm, Suicide Have you ever been degraded, doubted, or discounted for a disease you did not ask for? Your initial reaction is most likely a sense of

Acacia in the Community

Acacia La Jolla Open House

On Friday, March 1st, Acacia La Jolla was officially open for all the community to see, just two months after opening in January. La Jolla follows the Acacia Westwood (Los Angeles) which opened in September of 2018. The

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