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Managing Your Mental Health as a College Student

Students are commonly exposed to circumstances that place them at risk for mental health issues. New, unfamiliar environment, challenging assignments, tight deadlines, and conflicts with peers – all these things make college life complicated and sometimes even unbearable. 

Mental Health

Celebrating World Kindness Day

What is World Kindness Day? Today we celebrate World Kindness Day. World Kindness Day has been observed around the globe since 1998 as a time to reflect on the positive potential of kind acts both large and small.

Mental Health

What Equity Could Look Like at a Mental Health Company

I recently searched equity vs. equality to get a clearer understanding of how the two concepts are different from each other. I found a nice article on Mental Floss explaining that equality is about distributing the same resources

Acacia Spotlight

Acacia Spotlight: Marlee Dorsey, LPC

Acacia Spotlight looks to highlight the clinicians, staff, and programs that make Acacia what it is today. April’s clinician is Marlee Dorsey. Marlee Dorsey was born in Minneapolis and as of April 2019, she has been at Acacia

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