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Mental Health

Tips for Moving on From a Breakup

Breakups Are Scary, but They Aren’t the End of the World When I was 16, I saw my ex-boyfriend on a date with the girl he “told me not to worry about” one week after we broke up. 

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Mental Health

5 Tips for Handling Food Stress During the Holidays

This year has been a challenge for many of us that are dealing with, working through, and attempting to regulate our eating habits. Our routines were disrupted, our support systems separated, and our relationship with food altered. 2020

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Overcoming Bad Days For A Better Today

Guest writer, Wendy SashiMini, shares her mental health journey and how she overcame her depression after two traumatic experiences.


This post contains content related to depression, self-harm, and suicide.

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The Students Behind @covid19studentsupport

Amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, University of Michigan students Sarah Wish & Marissa Levey recognized a need for support amongst college students. They created the Instagram page @covid19studentsupport as a platform for peers – and now

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