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University Partnerships

Acacia is here to provide solutions to higher education institutes that want to provide well-rounded care to students and staff.

What We Offer

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Tailored Therapy

We provide individual, couples, and group therapy with providers that are passionate about college student health in your community.

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Access to Acacia

Your on-campus staff will be able to participate with Acacia's group consultations, panel events, and use services at discounted rates.

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In-House Psychiatry

We provide individual medication management with providers that work alongside each individual's therapy so they won't have to go far for care.

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Care Collaboration

Your on-campus team will work directly with a dedicated telehealth team to coordinate care with students and meet university needs.

Your Dedicated Provider Team

Partnering with Acacia Telehealth means creating growth opportunities within our communities. We strongly believe in creating a family at Acacia and we extend that invite to you!

Acacia is a resource for your university and we want to grow alongside everyone by hiring providers that represent your community, making a student or staff member’s first interaction with Acacia Telehealth easy and encouraging, and listening and adapting to their needs.

“We love serving students! It is our passion and our life’s work. There is nothing more fulfilling to us than to see students thrive in the face of adversity and develop into even more amazing versions of themselves."
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Acacia Counseling and Wellness

Hannah Thomson, LCSW

Acacia Telehealth Director

Madison Sanello

Office Manager | CA

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Most frequent questions and answers regarding our University partnerships

Good news, our clients do not have to be a college student or from one of our partnered universities to start therapy at Acacia! We do require our clients to be at least 18 years old.

We specialize in the college experience and what happens in or around this time. Our mission – to serve and engage the college community, which can include those who are students, faculty members, recent graduates, nontraditional students, and those thinking about attending college.

With Acacia Telehealth we want to take measures to make sure you are safe and in a space that will provide the best possible therapeutic experience. We require that all clients are in a private and addressable space during sessions (our providers will verify your location for your safety).

State law protects the confidentiality of communications between a client and a therapist.

There are notable exceptions:

  • Mandated reporting for suspected Child/Elderly Abuse
  • Serious threat of physical violence toward others
  • Serious threat of danger toward self
  • Court order
  • Information requested by FBI
  • A client signing a Release of Information (ROI) to coordinate care between providers or outside parties

If you are University member and looking to establish an official Acacia Telehealth partnership, please contact our University team to discuss your campus’ needs and how we can provide tailored services.

If you are hoping to begin referring students or faculty to our services, you may give them our contact information or send them the Appointment Request Form.

We currently collaborate with several universities across California and Minnesota including: University of California, Davis, University of California, Santa Cruz, University of California, Santa Barbara, University of California, Los Angeles, University of California, Irvine, University of California, San Diego, and University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Yes! We adapt to each university’s needs. If you need more resources for students than you do staff and faculty, we will work with that. If you believe you need certain specialties in your community, we will work to provide those in Acacia Telehealth offerings.

Let’s discuss!

Hannah Thomson
she/her/hers| MSW, #LCSW28842


Adjustment Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Trauma / PTSD / Childhood Abuse, Relationship Concerns, Life Transitions, Faith Transitions, Perinatal and Postpartum Adjustment, Parenting / Parenting Special Needs Children, Grief & Loss, Housing Insecurity, Substance Use

therapeutic orientation

Motivational Interviewing, Problem-Solving Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, trauma-focused therapies, mindfulness, & person-centered approaches

about me

Welcome! It's an honor to introduce myself as director of Acacia Reach. I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in California with over a decade of university and direct practice experience. I have been in leadership roles in telehealth training and services since 2011 and am happy to address any concerns you might have about how mental health services work when they are online.

My leadership style is collaborative and strengths-based. I strive to create a supportive environment for professional growth and development for staff, as well as provide the highest quality care to the people we serve. I’m looking forward to continuing to build partnerships with college communities to make services even more accessible through telehealth video-conferencing platforms.

My therapy practice is grounded in evidence-based treatment. When you first come see me, we will do an assessment together to help me understand who you are in a holistic way, which includes your intersecting identities, values, strengths, and what is important to you. I will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that matches what you want from the therapy process. Most importantly, my goal is to listen to your story and what wellness means to you. We work together to create space to heal and grow. There is a saying that, “the longest journey is from the head to the heart.” I would be honored to partner with you on that journey.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, listening to music, reading good books, and spending time with family and friends.




Hi! My name is Madison, and I am the Office Manager for Acacia Reach California! I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago but moved to Southern California in 2015 to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.

I found Acacia after deciding I wanted to shift my career. My passion for overall wellness and understanding the importance of mental health is what brought me here. I have been with Acacia since January 2021 and love working for such a passionate and supportive company.

In my free time, you can find me at the beach, in the kitchen cooking up a fun recipe or watching reality TV.

What three things do you think of the most each day?

My family, What I'm eating next, The future.

Would you rather watch a movie at home or on the big screen in the theater, why?

At home, because I like to talk about what I'm watching.